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An Igbo Language Support Group for Adults

The accountability you need as a busy adult to get consistent with your Igbo language goals

Do you have any of these problems when trying to learn Igbo?

I used to feel this way. That’s why I created this new online platform to make it easier for serious adult Igbo language learners to connect, share their learning methods, and support each other to fulfill their Igbo language learning commitments.

Introducing the Nzukọ Igbo Study Group

Nzukọ means “meeting” in Igbo. And that’s the main purpose behind the Nzukọ Igbo Study Group…a place for adult Igbo language learners around the world to “meet” online to practice writing and speaking Igbo, support each other through the struggles of learning Igbo, celebrate our progress, and keep each other accountable with our Igbo language goals.

So what’s inside? Once you log in to your personal member dashboard, you’ll get access to courses describing how I’m teaching myself Igbo and created my Igbo study plan. In the library, I review my favorite Igbo language resources, including an interactive Igbo dictionary that I update monthly. Work through my tech tutorials to learn how to use tech to help you with your Igbo studies. Then dive into the community to find Igbo study buddies to practice with. And there’s so much more inside!

Nzukọ will help you to:

Practice Igbo with other Igbo language learners so that you can incorporate the lessons you learn from classes, books, and apps into everyday conversations. Having an Igbo study buddy is a must!

Complete your Igbo language goals by creating a progress log, checking in with the group weekly, and joining in on the group challenges. This group accountability will ensure you do what you said you would do

Gain confidence speaking and writing Igbo by providing a space to work on these skills online in a private beginner friendly environment so that you get comfortable with people hearing and reading your Igbo in person.

Meet the Creator of Nzukọ

Ndewo nụ! My name is Ife. I am an Igbo-American in my 30s and I am documenting my journey to learning the Igbo language online as a way to inspire other adults to learn Igbo themselves! I am passionate about changing the negative experience that adults usually encounter when they learn want to learn Igbo to a more positive one. 

In 2017, I created, a free online Igbo language tutorial site for beginner adult learners. Early in 2018, I led a 3 week Igbo Study Group Chat where many of the members were able to drastically improve their Igbo study habits in such a short amount of time…including myself.

It is from this experience where I realized that accountability is the secret tool for leveling up my Igbo. When I hold myself accountable and others hold me accountable, my Igbo language skills grow tremendously.

This is why I launched Nzukọ, a premium membership for adult Igbo language learners who want to dive deeper with me and take their Igbo to the next level using my group accountability methods. 

Daalụ for your interest in joining Nzukọ! Join me inside Nzukọ so that we can support each other to reach our Igbo goals! 🙂

What Others Have said about my Igbo Study Groups...

"Ife, this group is actually pushing me. I've never gotten this far in my Igbo. I communicate in Igbo everyday. Less than 3 weeks in and I know this is a lifetime change."
Igbo Study Group Member

What's included in the Nzukọ membership?

Practice With an Igbo Study Buddy

Studying Igbo on your own is an important skill to develop but you also need to devote time to practicing what you learned with other people. And practicing with your Igbo tutor or teacher doesn’t count. 😛 

If you want other Igbo Study buddies, you can easily search through the member directory and profiles to find other Igbo language learners looking for study partners too! Use your accountability partner can help you practice Igbo one on one and make sure you are completing your goals. 

Space to practice Speaking and Writing Igbo

Becoming fluent in Igbo is not just about taking in input with  audio and reading. You need to be working on developing your output skills too (writing and speaking). So I created spaces for you to practice both your writing and speaking skills in the community

So for writing, you you will have an area to write out your thoughts and ideas in Igbo (or as much as you can)…whether it’s one sentence or several paragraphs. You will get experience putting together the various Igbo words you learn and putting your grammar skills to the test. And then community members will respond back and provide feedback. You can also write back to other members’ post in Igbo as well.

And if you’re too afraid to speak Igbo in public, you can post audio recordings of you speaking in the private forum to work on your confidence anonymously. This is a great way to get feedback on your Igbo speaking and see how you improve overtime.

Progress Log, Worksheets, Weekly Check-Ins, and Challenges

The first part of reaching a goal is WRITING IT DOWN; the second part of a goal is having a group to keep you accountable in getting in done. So are you tired of saying you’re going to study some Igbo tonight but never getting around to it? Don’t even know what to study or work on to improve your Igbo? That’s where the weekly check-ins help! Each week we will share with the group our Igbo goals for the week. And at the end of the week, we all report back on how we did. You can also keep track of goals in your own progress log in the forums. (And if you need help with creating goals, we are here to help you!)

Not sure where to focus your attention for the month with your Igbo studies? That’s where the quarterly Igbo challenges come in. Each quarter as a group we’ll all work together toward one common goal to improve our Igbo. They will be simple tasks that you can incorporate into your daily busy schedule and still feel accomplished at the end of the day with making progress towards your Igbo. It’s just another fun way to keep you accountable with learning Igbo.

Choose Your Nzukọ Membership Plan

If you’re ready to finally take your Igbo to the next level with a beginner friendly space to practice your Igbo, language goal setting and tracking, and group study accountability, then choose your subscription plan below to join us: 

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Recurring monthly payments. Instant access. Cancel anytime. 

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*Prices will go up throughout 2023. Lock in the lowest price now.*

7 Day Money Back Guarantee

If you join and you are not satisfied with your purchase, just request a refund within 7 days to get your money back.

Wondering if this membership is for you?

Nzukọ isn’t for everyone! BEFORE you join, please make sure this group meets your language learning needs…

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Nope, well at least not directly. I do plan on sharing many of the things I learn about the Igbo language along the way, but the current main focus of the Nzukọ membership is not for me to teach you Igbo. It’s to support you to practice Igbo using the resources already available to you and meet the goals you set for yourself.

No, Nzukọ is not an Igbo class. It’s an accountability group for adult Igbo language learners that need support with reaching their Igbo language goals. I actually recommend that you join Nzukọ along with enrolling in an Igbo class or Igbo tutoring as it will help keep you accountable with studying and practicing Igbo in between your sessions. 

It’s best not to use the community to beg people to tell you what words mean. I would most likely ask you if you tried looking up the word first. If not, I would recommend some dictionaries that you could try to use if it’s a commonly used word. If you tried researching the word first and still can’t find it, then I suggest asking members in the group to see if anyone knows what the word means or I can try looking it up for you. You can also check the Nzukọ Igbo dictionary inside the membership which I update monthly with new Igbo words. 

I am mostly learning Central Igbo, so there is no guarantee that I can help you with your dialect. However, there MAY be other members in the group that speak your dialect that you could practice with. You can search through the member directory to find other members who are learning your dialect and connect with them.

Nzukọ is an online community for beginner adult Igbo language learners that want to learn and grow with other language learners. It includes built in accountability with assigned Igbo study partners. We also as a group plan our Igbo goals for the week and check in with each other once a week. There’s a private community forum for members to track their progress with their goals and practice their writing and speaking skills and get feedback from others. We will also have monthly Igbo language challenges. I also provide courses that help you with language learning in general such as how to create a study plan, how to work with a study buddy, how to record yourself speaking Igbo, top Igbo resources, and more. I also have an interactive dictionary which I update monthly with new Igbo words that you can filter by various categories.

You should join Nzukọ now because the best time to learn Igbo is NOW. No more putting it off! If you need the push to start, Nzukọ is perfect for you.

You should also join now because Nzukọ is currently in beta. The current price is the cheapest it will ever be. And as long as you stay a member, you will be locked in at this price. Prices will increase throughout 2020 as more members join and more content is added. So join now if you are serious about starting off your Igbo strong in 2020. 

Nzukọ is currently considered in beta because the December 2018 was the first time it opened. As a result, the content and community will be very minimal at first. This is why if you join now, you will get in at the lowest price possible. And as a founding member, you will help me direct the direction of the membership to meet your needs by providing feedback and suggestions on how I can improve the membership overtime. The value of Nzukọ will continue to grow (and thus the cost) as the membership gets better as new content is added and the community engagement increases.

Yes, if you are a monthly member, you can upgrade to the annual membership at any time. Same for annual members. You can downgrade to monthly membership at anytime. Just log in, go to your account page, and update your subscription information. However, please note, when you downgrade to monthly, your annual membership will be active until the day it was supposed to expire (meaning you will not get a refund for your annual purchase after downgrading unless you ask for a refund within 7 days of joining). 

You can easily cancel your membership by going to your account page and pressing cancel. When you cancel your membership, you will stop making your monthly or annual payments to me. Your account will remain active until the last date of your subscription. After your subscription expires, you will no longer have access to the membership content and community. If you want to rejoin, you are always welcome back anytime. 🙂

Note: Canceling your membership does not mean getting a refund. And if you cancel your membership and decide to come back, you may have to rejoin at a higher price if the prices have increased from when you originally joined. 

Yes. However, refunds are only guaranteed within 7 days of joining Nzukọ and you can only get a refund once. If within 7 days of joining Nzukọ, you are not happy with the membership, just send me an email and I will gladly refund you. It may take 2-4 weeks for refunds to show up in your account. 

No, I’m not fluent in Igbo..yet. But I’m learning more and more everyday and I’m constantly working to improve my Igbo skills. 

So how can I help you? I can provide guidance on how to start learning Igbo as an adult, find time to learn, track progress, gain confidence, and keep you accountable to practice consistently (because I have done these things for myself). Plus, I have insight on the struggles of learning Igbo as a second language that native Igbo speakers just don’t have. 

If you find any of these traits valuable and want more of my insight on how to learn Igbo as an adult, then definitely join Nzukọ!

I will do my best to provide support and feedback to you within the community forums. Also, one of the benefits of joining Nzukọ is that you can get help from other members as well. We are all in this together. 

Yes, Nzukọ is open anyone who is interested in learning the Igbo language and needs help with accountability. We already have members who are not Igbo. 

No, Nzukọ is for beginner and intermediate Igbo language learners. (Unless you don’t mind hanging with and helping out newbies 🙂 )

If you have any other questions about the Nzukọ membership, please contact me here.

Don't wait another day to start improving your Igbo skills! Join Nzukọ today to get the support you need to begin your journey toward your Igbo language dreams!

Choose Your Nzukọ Membership Plan

If you’re ready to finally take your Igbo to the next level with a beginner friendly space to practice your Igbo, language goal setting and tracking, and group study accountability, then choose your subscription plan below to join us: 

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*Prices will go up throughout 2023. Lock in the lowest price now.*

7 Day Money Back Guarantee

If you join and you are not satisfied with your purchase, just request a refund within 7 days to get your money back.